Some Blogging Goulash (A Little Bit of Everything)

My mind is going all over the place, so I will share a little of where it’s at today.

-Driving is fun but my improvement is slow-going.  I am still wondering when it will become second nature and if I will be excited to go back to automatic or disappointed when I return to the states on December 16.

-I love this quote from page 247 from the book, Affluenza: The All-Consuming Epidemic, Second Edition by John De Graff, David Wann, and Thomas H. Naylor (Berrett-Koehler: 2005)…“When your time comes and your whole life flashes before you, will it hold your interest?  How much of the story will be about moments of clarity and grace, kindness and caring?  Will the main character – you – appear as large and noble as life itself, or as tiny and absurd as a cartoon figure, darting frantically among mountains of stuff?  It’s up to you, and indeed, it’s up to all of us!”                 I have not actually read this book yet, but I have seen movies about the concept of Affluenza.  I borrowed this quote from the blog which I read as often as possible.  I recommend bookmarking it for his thoughts on the Christian faith, consumerism, and his 100 Thing Challenge.

-This is a fascinating article  about new uses for condoms in South Africa (don’t worry its rated PG in my opinion) I found on another favorite blog This lovely couple worked as missionaries here in Jo’burg for nine months shortly before I arrived.  I stumbled across their blog while looking for pictures of Jo’burg and then read through the entire thing in one day.  I suggest doing the same if you can find the time.

-When I get back to the states, I want to find the time and money to go visit this fantastic cave and see its Snowy River formation.  By the way, The Man from Snowy River is one of the best but cheesiest films of all time.  Crystal, remember the zooming in on the horse’s eye!  Oh, how we laughed and laughed and then re-played the scene to do it all again!

-I am compiling a list of questions you have thrown into the comments section to have a big Q and A post.  But I want more questions!  What are you dying to know about me?  about Africa?  about World Vision?  Do you wonder if there are lizards running around?  Are you desperate to know how much a bunch of carrots cost?  Is curiousity taking over your life when you think about my beauty regimen?  Ask away, I will find answers and maybe document some with photos, and we’ll have a big old Q & A extravaganza in the PioneerWoman style.  Which, by the way, you must check out my favorite blog in the whole world thus far…

-This picture (below) is just a taste of what is yet to come on the blog in the next week or so.  More recipes, more photos, more, more, more!  Stay tuned.
Yum to Come

Yum to Come

-But while you’re waiting for more details on that cake, check out this fantastic VeganYumYum (of all things) food blog and especially this recipe (while remembering that I don’t even really like eggplants, oh the childhood stories of me and the eggplant) but even I think this looks and sounds delicious… Is your mouth watering like one of Pavlov’s dogs when the bell goes off?
-And speaking of Pavlov, from a quick wikipedia search (another great website) I learned that Pavlov was not just a psychologist BUT a physiologist AND (GET THIS) a physician!  All the old greats had so many degrees and did many wonderful and diverse things. 
I think this is proof (Mom) as to why I should stay in school forever and get my MD or DO, my JD, my PhD, and some other random Masters degrees.  That way one day I can be in wikipedia and they can site my advances to all my fields of interest: Womens’ Issues via OB/GYN practice, public health, policy change, helping clocks keep the time, drama & theater, forensic anthropology & entomology, etc, etc, etc.  A goulash of a post and a goulash of a career sounds like the way to go, eh?



2 Responses to “Some Blogging Goulash (A Little Bit of Everything)”

  1. Crystal Says:

    oh man, how could I forget. good times.

  2. Maureen Says:

    How is your work day so far? Anything interesting?
    What is the technology like in the office where you work?
    Does S.A. have anything like the Vegemite of Australia? And have you tried it?
    Are the TV news reports / newspapers filtered, or do you get the straight stuff?
    Are the bird noises very different there? Any animal noises that startle you or keep you awake?

    Love the blog plugs. How on earth do you find time to read them??

    I don’t think there is anything wrong in getting multiple degrees in multiple subjects, Jennifer. But what is your hurry to get them all completed sequentially?? If, God willing, you live a long and full life, you can bring and learn a lot by getting a degree later in life.
    Ok, I’m done giving my two cents and can’t think of any more questions right now.

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