Some bones for you to chew on, figuratively…

Interesting tidbit I found for you (dear blog readers) in a free local paper:


 Nice isn’t it? Gives you a nice warm, err…not nice and not warm feeling inside. This is why people have surrounded themselves with high fences, security guards, big dogs, and barbed wire. See here…

But maybe the fences and wires are really set up to keep these crazy folks out…see the mothership has landed…

 What is that crazy thing on the hill? Why, is that a UFO?! Well if they want to land in my secure complex they must be sure and be safe and heed the warnings…

Wait, the security and fences are keeping us in?!  Are we the crazy ones you don’t want roving around the streets?!  Are the UFOs observing our wild habitat of townhouses?!

*Cue spooky music and some loud sighs, maybe a few high-pitched screams of full knowledge.*

Nah, actually the UFO is a crazy house that just shaped like a UFO. I was told that the furniture for the place had to be made specially to fit the house. I would venture to guess that this is because they have a curved entryway and door leading to the 360 degree house.

Oh and here’s that whole sign, it’s not warning people to stay away but…

to stay safe.  Because we’re supposedly trying to keep people out who don’t belong, while trying to keep in those who do and keep them safely. And whoever decides who does and who doesn’t I haven’t met and probably never will.

Note: This is my 33rd post and I have 33 comments so far.  Nice.  But let’s keep on keeping on and get more comments and posts!


3 Responses to “Some bones for you to chew on, figuratively…”

  1. You have a cute blog! Glad to meet you and thanks for popping by my place. Let me know how things are going while you’re here, and do stay away from the walls. If there isn’t electric fencing, someone can clobber you over the top of it. I’m not kidding!

    Be careful and God bless!!

  2. ericamolson Says:

    i really like your blog Jennifer! Oh traveling looks so fun! 🙂

  3. Maureen Says:

    Love the pictures! I’ve been waiting for the picture of the UFO house, and finally it is here!

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