To Do THIS Month (not in fall, or next summer)

If I can do one or two things a day or even over a weekend, I should be set!

Calculate gas mileage – Looks like 26.64 this past month

Clean windshield inside and out with alcohol and then a million other cleaning agents

Hide spare car key

Organize kids’ church curriculum

Schedule kids’ church teachers for next three months

Clean trunk

Put bed pieces away/give away/ask AMPM for future plans

Finish thank you cards and set up system for future thanks

Read BC’s medical records

Organize photos

Plan small group activities for the rest of summer

Fix broken jewelry (giveaway/throwaway that which can’t be broken)

Buy and replace clip for bike helmet

Send package to Osana

Send package to Dave and Martha

Make homemade yogurt sadly  kind of failed…initial temp too low???

Use Dave Ramsey’s cash envelope system

Organize closet even better than it already is!


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