1.  I did not complete the Use It Up Pantry Challenge.  This is because my financial situation got steadily better with the new full-time job.  Oddly enough though, I convinced the biggest eater I know to do the Challenge and he succeeded!

2.  I got a car.  I was able to pay for it all in cash and thus did not add any new debt to my already gigantic school loans.  Let me tell you, an education is an expensive hobby-make sure it’s one you really want to take on, okay?  And for me, yes, the answer is and was yes.  The car is great, the freedom/the free time/the ability to sing along to my music are all great.  Only difficulty is finding time to read my Bible when I had great buckets of time available to me to do nothing but read it on the bus rides.

3.  Suzie got a job where I work and starts on Monday as well as moves in with me.  This initial change is great but hopefully just a portion of what is to come in my long term plans (which are just 3-6 months, someone pointed out that these really AREN’T long, but oh well).  I am trying to call anyone I can to Seattle, to live with me.  To build a community of sorts…no idea if it will happen.  Just asking others to consider it and praying about it for God’s wisdom too.

4.  Though my life has its own ups and downs, right now it’s generally a charmed one.  God did warn me that I was entering a very sweet time (back in November) and that I needed to stay focused on him.  It has begun and I have stayed on track.  Facebook is full of pictures detailing…


One Response to “Updates”

  1. you sound content. hopeful. joy-filled.

    makes me smile.

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