Eat From the Pantry Challenge

When I was in high school I loved Use It Up Challenges hosted by 

I would go through all of toiletries, free soaps, sample shampoos, body spray gifts from friends and use them all up in a month.  I would keep myself from buying anything new until I had used up every single old half-filled, hidden away bottle/jar/sachet/whatever.

In the same way I have been doing an Eat from the Pantry Challenge in my own home these past six weeks.  Not just because I wanted to, or because had challenged me (yet).  But I was doing it because I had to, I didn’t have spare money for food or any extra money sadly.

Things are a bit better and I did buy a few things this week but somehow my pantry never emptied.  It may have been prophet/widow story.  I still hosted parties and fed myself and there is still food to spare.

So now, I will do it again, in January.  My rules are:

1) Shop at the store a maximum of two times in January.

2) Only buy dairy (milk, eggs, cheese, etc.),  produce (fruits/vegetables), and lasagna making items (I owe a friend a few).  I already get milk/eggs/butter delivered weekly for a good price.

3) Spend a total of $75 or less on groceries during the month of January.


7 Responses to “Eat From the Pantry Challenge”

  1. I hope things go better for you this month! Good Luck!

  2. We’ve been doing this alredy because we needed to, and we’ll continue through January (at least, but possibly longer). We’ve done it before for more than a year, so I know we can do it. I already have 4 months of seasonal menus (that includes food from my garden in each season) plus 2 weeks of pantry-only menus, so I know what I can make based on what I have.

    I also have 200 pounds of potatoes, bought right before Thanksgiving (I bought 360 pounds and we’ve eaten the others already). If you only have a little to spend, buy potatoes! Per pound, they’re one of the cheapest things out there! Tonight we’re having a baked potato bar for dinner. We do that about 3-5 times a month; it’s a really inexpesive dinner and feeds all 7 of us for about $2, including toppings.

  3. I hope your pantry stretches for another month…. good luck with the challenge, and Happy New Year!

  4. Good luck! I am sure you will do well.

  5. Awesome! Can’t wait to hear how things turned out. Are you getting by OK without baking??

  6. I had nothing in my pantry whatsoever, ok I had no pantry so i had to make a Costco run a super giant 2 carts full Costco run.

  7. So how did the challenge go, it’s the middle of February and no update?

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