Sorry for the Five Month Hiatus…And here’s one on Mustard Juice!

Let’s just say I needed time to live my life and not just blog about the living of life.  In this time I learned a lot and the topic I want to tell you about today is mustard juice and love.

I wish that I still worked at World Vision (today was my last day actually for those of you dying for updates and not on Twitter) so that I could share a devotional on this topic.  I do lead a Middle School small group now in the Rainier Valley (which by the way I moved to in September after God called me there) and I could share this with them but we’re already on themed and yet still hand- made curriculum so I’m filled up.  Thus, I am sharing it with you…my faithful friendly blog readers.

Today was a tough day.  Leaving a company I loved for years as an outsider and learned to love through cake disasters, South Africa, maternal and child health/HIV/emergencies/education (the sectors I worked in), and so much more was difficult.  I didn’t even give myself time to process these difficulties in advance as I usually do, which made the actual final walk down the stairs and out the door even harder.  I am also starting a new job Monday (praise the Lord for great work back to back) and I have been cutting my sleep short to prepare for early hours and a very long commute (can we say 3 bus rides each way?!)    These two things combined plus the rest of life have given me a very tough day.  A day where I want to do anything but love (and funny enough it’s youth group night).  I just want to take a break from giving it.  Sure, I’ll receive it by the loads but can I just pause on the handing it out, just for a little while, pretty puh-lease?

But instead I helped make hot dogs for dinner.  Two got a great beautiful squiggly line of mustard.  The other two got great big drops of mustard juice.  And it hit me…trying to stop loving even for a day because I feel like it is similar to a vat of mustard juice.  Sure, it’s a nice idea.  Mustardy in essence, loving in essence (why love at all if I can’t do it well today).  But it’s not real mustard, nowhere near it in fact.  Just like love isn’t true love if it doesn’t continue loving even when it’s difficult for one or two or ninety-nine of us.

And I didn’t want the mustard juice.  Nor do  my loved ones want love juice?  They want love, plain-simple-unconditional at heart-and everlasting.  Just as Jesus offers us.  He didn’t just say: Hey there, take a big whiff of eternal life and abundant life and a life of joy. He said: Here, take and receive ALL of THIS! (That’s the Jennifer Abbreviated Translation of the Gospels.)

I was convicted then and there (and hungry).  So I wrote this for you as mustard juice ran down my fingers.  What think ye?


One Response to “Sorry for the Five Month Hiatus…And here’s one on Mustard Juice!”

  1. I feel like eating a hot dog now. Can I have mine with catsup also?

    Thanks for sharing. I just love those little “God moments”, and when you share them with others it just compounds the praise and Glory to our wonderful Lord and Savior.

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