The Blog Post You Have Been Waiting For…Finally!

This time last week I was homeless, jobless, and sick of it. I had even cried two nights before in front of extended family about my “lifeless” life.

But by Tuesday I had two jobs and an apartment.  God is good, all the time.  And his timing is always right. 

I had starting working one of the jobs and had already moved into the apartment by the 17th, exactly four months after arriving back in America.  Funny how that worked…

I have a one month contract thru World Vision’s Middle East and Eastern Europe Regional Office.  I also will be starting a six month World Vision contract with their Seattle-ish office as soon as the paperwork is worked out on paper.  (I also am waiting to hear about a third part-time & temporary job this week-need to make up for four months without work.)

And get this…the apartment is on the same street as my parent’s house and four months residence.  The exact same side of the street.  One minute drive, four minute walk. Haha.  When I was working for Allegra for my 1.5 weeks I walked by this apartment complex and thought-How lovely it would be to live so close to family, church, and the bus line.  Now voila! the Lord provides and all for the lowest monthly rent you could ever imagine plus two and soon three great roommates!

Both current roommates were hungry to get back into church so my family and I took them on Sunday.  And our church family loved on them, even to the point of loaning one a brand-new never-worn ball gown for an upcoming event, and offerring to hem it for the aforementioned roommate.  What what?  God is good and his people are following suit.  My roommates have even told me that it was my mission to get them back into church and I am beginning to think my long dry wait was meant to hold me back from looking for housing until exactly the week this room opened up. 

I bet God used that time in lots of ways but that’s the big one I’ve found so far and it’s enough for now.

Pictures to follow.  And really I still can’t fully believe it.  Nothing for me Monday, nothing against me Tuesday-God always with me!


2 Responses to “The Blog Post You Have Been Waiting For…Finally!”

  1. WHOO HOOO!!! I’m doing my dance of joy for you. Don’t you just feel so loved by God right now?

  2. Such an encouragement! We know He’s always moving, but isn’t it great to actually SEE the evidence?

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