Almost a Month Now

I truly enjoy being home just as much as I truly miss South Africa and all my wonderful friends there.  I also miss the freedom I had there.  If I needed to run an errand I could hop in my car and get it.  Now I have to ask one of my parents to take me places, on their schedule (as I am not on their car insurance).

I am job searching, temporary job searching, I still really want to get back to South Africa in the next few months if the Lord wills.  No leads so far.  I did work one day at a gun show with dad and a friend and a bit of work for my parents’ business, but nothing consistent.  Even the temp agencies are just taking numbers, because there are so many people being laid off all the time with higher qualifications and experience than me taking over what few jobs remain.

I am hopeful though.  Besides this week I have been too sick with flu, on top of my nearly month long cold, to do much.  I am really trying to get better though so I can attend our Youth Winter Camp as a leader from tomorrow to Sunday.

But here’s a bit of what I’ve been doing this month…lots of pictures following…


Snow and lots of it for two weeks!


Being beat by Mom at Monopoly.  Seriously, she beat the entire family, this has never happened for her-even since childhood.  All that property, yeah–that’s hers!


And the stockings were hung by the chimney with care…and a good old fashioned Christmas movie was playing on the big screen!

Chili Cheese Dog!  

Chili Cheese Dogs with Mustard on top and American Doritos on the side.  Yum yum yum yum.  How I’ve missed thee.


Sisters, sisters, there was never such a set of sisters…(from aforementioned, but not named good old fashioned Christmas movie, and loosely adapted).  If this photo was on facebook I would also tag the phone as Middle Sister’s Boyfriend.  And footie pajamas?  She’s 12 years younger but only 4 or 5 inches shorter than me and she can still find footie pajamas. 

Wedding Prep

Helping with friends to set up for best Seattle friend’s wedding.  This photo is of Middle Sister’s best friend of two and my best Seattle friend’s Mom.


This is my Middle Sister’s boyfriend, Nik.  Remember the picture with the phone up above, this is the guy she spends a day with and then two hours at night talking about their day together.  Young love, who gets it really?  I just love this picture because he was helping set up for the wedding and was asked to cut off extra threads on the table runners, but with his look of sincere concentration, it appears as though he could be tailoring pants for Elvis or something.


Best Friend’s Wedding!  I love this shot because it looks like Pastor Mark is singing a Christmas carol to them.


And guess who caught the bouquet…Moi!  Ha, it was pretty funny-for once I really didn’t try.  Actually had to lift my hands from my sides and catch it, to make sure it didn’t fall to the ground.  Later on, a few complained that the bride had purposefully thrown it exactly to me.  Maybe its just fate…ha.

More Snow!

And just because I like these pictures and don’t want to leave Dad out…Dad and youngest sister in the snow.  Shortly after this one they started clearing off the snow on Risa’s car (Pastor Mark’s wife who works for my parents’ business) to make snowballs and help her get home without too much work.

I hope your holidays were wonderful!


3 Responses to “Almost a Month Now”

  1. Sounds like you’re having a good time 🙂 I hope you find a job soon, that’s one of the reasons I’m going to stay here another year, I know how hard it will be to find a job. Hey if you’re still around in April we should get together, maybe go to simply Thai??? I get home the 8th. My parents live a little farther away now, but I can still make the drive to hang out with you and hear all your South Africa Stories, that is if you’re not actually in South AFrica at the time 🙂

  2. looks like you’ve had a fun holiday. i didn’t realize you had younger sisters. they’re cute. has reverse culture shock hit you yet? that was the hardest thing for me from my china trips… coming home. so bittersweet.

  3. I just love these pictures – especially the one of your Mom (the real estate queen) and Pastor Mark. We didn’t get to watch any holiday movies this year because (large ARRGGG) they are PACKED! Sigh. Story of my life.

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