Leaving on ‘ze jet plane TAKE TWO: The Return Journey

Remember this post?  Now just take that in reverse, and you’ll figure out what I’m doing for the next 24 hours.

It’s been real, it’s been fun-that old cliche can’t even begin to describe.

Everytime I have left a city before (Seattle at 18 for college, Siloam Springs at 21 for graduate school, and New Orleans at 22 for home) I have felt ready to go.  I was ready to get out of the place and move on-but that is SOOO not true this time.

Johannesburg and I haven’t even gotten started.  My first few weeks my co-workers made a list of things to do in town and I only did two of them.  (That’s not to say I didn’t do a lot of other things, but still).

And South Africa and I are not finished.  I love love love this country and will share more about that over time.

And Africa, ooooweeee, Africa.  Our marriage is still new and we still have a lot of joys and bumps to hit together.

If I had my choice, I wouldn’t board this plane at all.  I’d rather just have my family come see me for Christmas, like they did last year, but carrying American hotdogs, Doritos, Little Debbies, and canned chili in their bags.

But it’s not to be.  I am leaving on ‘ze jet plane with no return trip officially planned just desired desired desired in my heart.  And thank the Lord, he is good enough to fulfill those desires, the deepest ones.

So farewell dear Africa, SA, Jozi.  We will meet again-we will both be changed by then, be it two months or six years, but we will meet again.


One Response to “Leaving on ‘ze jet plane TAKE TWO: The Return Journey”

  1. Hey there! I just got an email saying you didn’t use the Netflix subscription I got you. Do you still want it? Let me know!!

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