Once Again…

I’m going to be really honest.  And tell you that amidst some really really wonderful moments, this has probably been the hardest week of my entire life so far.

And not in the traditional hardest weeks of studying, exams, final projects-school stuff, etc.

More in the-

oh, we forgot to mention that you’re not able to graduate until May because you never were told to sign up for the grad list

and the

oh, at this time we officially have no way for you to come back to south africa next year with WV

and the

oh, your closest friends are leaving the country and you’re being left behind again which is always so much harder than leaving others behind

and the

oh, your car key is finally going to break officially in half at the same time you run out of petrol when you still have six things to do that day leaving you pinching it back together and getting blisters to make it run at all

and the

oh, by the way that small sniffly-ness will turn into a full-on head and chest cold

on top of the

oh, and it’s time to leave the country you love, maybe for another six years

but with all that

i am still rejoicing, christ still lives, and he still lives in me, and he still wants the best for me…

so now i cling to Hosea 12:6 –

“But as for you, return to your God, hold fast to love and justice, and wait continually for your God.”


2 Responses to “Once Again…”

  1. Oh man. That sounds so stressful!! I leave Austin on Friday and I have very mixed emotions. Ugh. I hope good things happen for you soon!!

  2. Here is a hug from me to you. (((((Jennifer)))))

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