One Week From Today I Will Be Home…

It’s becoming a bit of a funny concept though as I rarely “live” there anymore.  But it is still more than just the place my family lives too.  Home-ish.  Maybe I should say I will be at Home.  Instead of just Home.

I am planning to hit the ground running.  A stack of books by the bed for the jet lag, weird wake up times.  Youth group, kids church, Sunday school.

I am planning to love hard.  Even though I will be reverse culture-shocking, debriefing, resting, I will love hard through it.


2 Responses to “One Week From Today I Will Be Home…”

  1. my unsolicited Rx:


    yes, dive in. yes, love hard. but never feel guilty for retreating into your own space. i still need it when america becomes to much for me.

  2. Wow, hard to believe it’s over right? I find it hard to believe you’re already done. I still have three months to go…. then back again for another year. I’m a little jealous you’ll be spending your Christmas at home. I hope you enjoy the time you have left 🙂

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