I saw these week one and finally bought them…

just curious, very curious.

Tissue Box

Do you see the “oddity” on this tissue box?

Look closely…did you read everything?

There now…you got it.  Tissues: For Men?

Huh?  What makes a manly tissue versus a feminine one?

Well, let’s show you…here I pulled one out of the box for you to see.

That's no tissue, that's a napkin!

Good Lord!  That might be a bird, might be a plane, but in no way whatsoever is that a tissue!  If anything it’s a napkin or a serviette as they are so prettily called here!

But let’s go even further, now we see how thick they are…how big are they?

And it's two ply!

They were so big we had to move to a larger flat surface.  Oh and they’re two ply, even though as my dear friend Jeannette noted via e-mail, they read 3-ply!  Maybe they mean when it’s in its serviette/napkin state it’s folded three times over???  And each ply (can I say that?) is about twice as big as the box!  Isn’t this a little scary?  Especially as the thickness of one ply is as wide as a normal two-ply tissue (maybe of the feminine variety).

So what have we learned here?  That men have large noses full of lots of golden nuggets as they are euphemism-ly called.  That they can handle thick tissues, in fact they need them.  And these tissues can double as serviettes at a meal because you never know as a man when you might get to eat.

I feel enlightened now.  Not even sure I am allowed to use these…might cause a bit of an identity crisis.


3 Responses to “I saw these week one and finally bought them…”

  1. Haha! Weird!

  2. You should check your facebook messages.

  3. I thought this would be an interesting post, but itsnot.

    HaHaHaHa I crack myself up.

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