I Swear I Am Still Alive…

and doing beautifully other than bemoaning the fact that I only have two weeks left.

Honestly, I miss you and my family and American junk food.  But I could give up most of the normal American lifestyle to stay here longer.  And I say this with exactly two weeks left today.

Because remember how lonely I was for a while?  And how I didn’t feel satisfied with the experience I had waited nearly 6 years for?

That changed once the Lord put friend after friend in my life.

And last Thursday I had a Thanksgiving dinner.  I was the only American, the only one with previous Thanksgiving holiday experience.  And I invited probably around 50 people because as people backed out for various reasons, I just kept inviting others.

In the end, 16 of my closest friends came and it was lovely lovely lovely.

It really was a room full of my family, the family I made here in South Africa.  The people I want to live amongst for another 6-9 months plus if the Lord wills next year.

And there were these moments, as we shared what we were thankful for and as I observed my diverse friends meet and greet and become new friends, that just touched my soul with permanent memories.  Fully satisfied memories, not one bit lonely.

Once they all went home for the night, I nearly cried with gratitude, with thanks.

So this year:

I am thankful for my return to South Africa.  I did the math and realized I waited exactly five years and 360 days to return to this beautiful nation.  And it has been a wonderful wonderful challenging experience.

I experienced some of my loneliest times but over the weeks and months the Lord placed exactly the right people at the right time in my path.  And the Thanksgiving party was just a culmination and a beginning of sorts.  I could look around the room and see how blessed I had been by these people: black, white, colored, Indian, it doesn’t matter what race-it’s the love thhat matters.  Blessed by their friendship, by their decision to walk along the path of life with me for a few months.


2 Responses to “I Swear I Am Still Alive…”

  1. Finally! I got a fix of my Jennifer-blog. I was going into withdrawls.

    God is so good! He loves us so much. I’m so glad you had a good holiday dinner. Eating with friends and/or family is just the best. Thanks for the post and the pics!

  2. i gotta say – i don’t exactly miss the prawn crisps.

    if there is something you had to bring home for us…

    have you ever had pap and chicken from a roadside or from a sidewalk chef downtown by park station? incredible stuff.

    anyway, for the “gravy” that they put on the pap, they use this little box of seasoning called “Jikelele”. i love the chicken seasoning. the box claims that it makes a stew, but the africans use it to make a thin gravy for pap. if you haven’t had it, i urge you to try. if you happen to bring home an extra box or two, i won’t protest. 🙂

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