Secret Letters to No One and Anyone in Particular…

I wrote your number on the skin above my knee but below my thigh because there was no where else to put it.  No paper, no dry hand-and it was important and necessary.  Will call soon.

As weeks pass I realize we three truly are kindred spirits.  The underwear, the toothpaste, the deodorant-it all adds up.

Has it been a month yet? 

I read through your facebook wall posts back and forth.  I don’t know if I should be jealous or out of it.  But either way one of us is wrong.

Sadly, there will be never be a Ravioli cat or horse or chemistry lab.  You both got married and live far apart from each other and from me.  Dreams die hard.  And I don’t even like sweet tea.

Most of my music is your music.

If I could see her soon, it might connect us or re-connect or just connect.  I’m sorry anyone ever knew about the old thoughts.

I never told you I liked you.  And I’m not sorry for it, I just wish we were still close.

“I don’t know you/but I want to/all the more for that.”

There’s just something about the Kenyans you know, something good, you know.

Translate more books and distribute them across the globe quickly-I’m hungry for more stories of him.

Are you still in Canada or back on the continent of all continents?  We should meet up, maybe for the first time.  Mom would be pleased.

I’m still waiting on your reply. 

Do you have an internship/consultancy open from Jan-July?  Do you want to offer it to me?

Do you want me to enroll with your people?

Please grow and trade black beans on the continent of all continents.

You two are hard and fast and right and rigid-maybe good to work with sorts?

I’m sorry to be missing your wedding.

I am praying praying praying for you.


2 Responses to “Secret Letters to No One and Anyone in Particular…”

  1. I like this. Thank you.

  2. this makes me weep. a good solid strengthening sort of weep.

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