So we have a new president…

but will still wait a few long-feeling months to see the effects.

Did you get out and vote?

I found a bit of a niche here.  I can edit, I can edit quite well indeed.  And I can think pretty darn well too.  These last two times I have travelled in the past two weeks-the manager/Chief of Party has no idea what I am doing there when I arrive.  They think I am on vacation or just there to drive people around.  That’s generally how I feel too until I find a niche.

In my last location, the talks turned to health and I started nodding (supposedly not so slyly).  The manager  realized there was more to me than driving skills (though those skills are so low low low).  Turns out she decided I had a quick, bright, active mind and found more ways to use my skills than expected.  She even asked to hire me, for free.  I wouldn’t mind working in that Area Development Program–which is the ground level of World Vision work, but sadly free is not an option with loans looming large large large.

(Speaking of loans-in Lesotho there was a group of orphaned children from the HIV/AIDS epidemic that we interviewed who found out I was American.  When we asked if they had any final questions for us, they asked me if I could take them home with me.  Oh it broke my heart, broke my heart.  All I could say was I was sorry I wasn’t able to do so because I still was in school and had my own school bursaries (fees) to pay.  I could not tell them that I have $60,000 US in loans-more money than they will ever see or comprehend in their lifetimes.  And here I am going on for a med school education of another $100-300,000 US.  And honestly, I do not think I am being unwise.  I am being called to this field, called to go on for more education so I can serve more people.  But oh, there is a burn in the high high number of my loans and the strength of poverty around the world.  May I only go on if it increases my love and compassion Lord…)

Here in Zambia (and back on topic) the Chief of Party (COP) seemed to think I was a silent, back of the room seated idiot.  Problem was my computer battery had died so I was re-juicing in the back of the room quietly.  But then it came time for editing.  They handed me a copy of our concept paper and I edited, oh I edited.  And slowly over time, this look dawned on the COP’s face.  There was more to this intern from South Africa than he’d expected.  At one point, he even joked, “And you’re only on an intern’s salary?”

There is a charm to surprising people with your talents.  I even got an e-mail from the first manager that praised my work and ended with the line, “GOD BLESS YOU REAL GOOD!!!!”  Wow.  I am so pleased to hear this and see this and find my own strengths.  There are times when projects are handed to me and I worry-can I do this?  was I trained in this? am I gifted in this?  and honestly the answer is often no.  Especially when it comes to my training-which was great but not so relevant yet.  But I can think, I can write, I can work hard and ask the right questions.  And so far, I’m more than getting by.  I’m blooming and surprising and growing.

Maybe our next President will do the same?  I’m pray so, oh, I pray so.


2 Responses to “So we have a new president…”

  1. the look of unadulterated hope is a priceless thing. you have seen it in the eyes of the children of africa. hope.

    as our future president spoke last night, the camera would pan the crowd and the eyes of his supporters glistened like those i had once seen in africa. even in this america, there is hope in the air again.

  2. Oh, what a great post! God knew you needed confirmation of your calling and affirmation of just some of your abilities. It is true that it is better to be a blessing to someone than to get blessed.

    May God continue to bless you as you grow and walk His path for your life, my friend.

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