Rambling in the Good Old Way…

Met some interesting people, learned some fantastic new worship songs (which I will e-mail to the middlest soon).  Tore at the meat of my ankles and sliced up the left knee on a high-school reminiscent obstacle course (which as you may know is an old old memory now) at the retreat-injuries are healing and painful but no doctor is needed.  Then boarded a plane to Zambia next to two Zambian boys seated behind the world’s loudest four year old (oh so excitable) and his family who held a Newsweek and had American accents but South African passports.

Found out the visa was $110 MORE than I expected, thank the Lord for always bringing extra cash.

Then had my first bribing in Africa experience (slightly underhanded) when the SA airport stapled my baggage tickets to the wrong side of the ticket and then promptly took them back again when they scanned me through the walkway.  No one told me those baggage tickets were required to leave the airport on the Zambian side so imagine my distress when the attendant told me he’d keep my bag and if I wanted I could leave with the handle. 

Finally he asked if I had any sweets to trade for the bag.  Technically I did, but they are for someone on this side-specially bought and buried in the aforementioned luggage.  So I handed over my half-full can of Gourmet Pringles-I kid you not-with matured cheese and spring onions.  They were tasty but the lid popped off in my bag and the odor was spreading so I didn’ t mind the handover so much.

It was more the ethics of the whole thing that bothered me.  Does he normally demand treats in exchange for unwise passengers or did he use my young and American gullibility (is that even a word) to take home more than a paycheck that month?

Here and it is hot hot hot.  My presence is awkward as I am not here to help or to interfere, just more to observe and nod in agreement.  And do some backwork when I find time, electricity, and wireless internet.

Having good conversations though and learning how to make milk last and test is strawberry juice is still good to drink.

Still have six more days to explore-PTL.

I might talk about embarrassment or lack thereof next time or hot/cold/spittle temperatured water next time-can’t decide, can’t plan ahead.  heat is draining draining draining…


3 Responses to “Rambling in the Good Old Way…”

  1. great post.

    i love the bribery in africa. don’t worry about the ethics of it either. you gave him something completely exotic and wonderful. consider it a blessing that god allowed you to administer.

    next time, take a little extra to offer before you get asked and just see the delight. 🙂

    always thinking,

  2. This is the first blog post I’ve seen that reads just like you talk. Fast, fast, fast, fast. Scattered, but related. Jumping from place to place, but all connected. I had to stop and catch my breath at the end. I loved it!

    I experienced bribery in Russia, too. Thanks for the update – looking forward to the next installment!

  3. Hello lovely! I would really love to recieve that email of new worship songs! 🙂 I love you so much and we are all really proud of you. Can’t wait to see you in less than a month!! Have a good rest of your trip. We are praying for you everyday and will continue to do so.

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