Leaving on a Jet Plane by way of a…

Young Adult Retreat with church for the weekend.  Then flying immediately after the festivities finish for a week long trip to Zambia.  Five days of work, three days of fun.  Karen Hartman and me together again?  Boy, that brings me back to freshman year when she as my RA (and next door resident) could hear my phone conversations with Mom through the thin closet walls as I chatted on and on about the Ideal Man I’d met.

The Ideal turned out to not be so.  A nice guy undoubtedly, but not for me.  The Karen Hartman friendship continued though and will reunite majorly across the world from Arkansas.

Pray for safety and spiritual refreshment.  I am exhausted from my trip to Bergville but won’t have real time to rest for weeks-so I need to get it in other ways.  Living water sort of ways, so that I may never thirst again.


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