Honestly, I feel better just leaving the city.

I felt this way everytime I left New Orleans too.  Maybe it’s just an indicator that once again, city life long-term is not for me.


Trust me, I love the amenities as much as the next person.  Movie theaters, dance clubs, large bright grocery stores, etc, etc, etc.


But there is often true blessing in lack, as Kyle B has said before me.  There is a creativity that comes into play when a town shuts down by 9 pm, when there is one restaurant, two DVD rental shops, and four swimmin’ holes. 


There is a reason Cotter, Arkansas is my first-found utopia.  One restaurant, one hotel, multiple swimmin’ holes with rope swings, great trout fishing, long bike trails.  And that one restaurant serves free ice cream with your meal on Fridays.  And maybe the ice cream is free everyday, I just happen to have only been there on Fridays.


This might be why I feel like I could breathe a huge sigh of relief when I left the highway, left the skyscrapers, and the smoke and settled into the switchbacks (my first as a driver) of Route 74 winding around the serpentine dam and into the valleys of Bergville.


And at the end of our journey there was a rainbow.  Both ends were viewable and I think we ended up driving through the very tip of it.  Is that a luck inducer or what?


If we could find a way to pay for it, because I really am at that disappointing stage in life where monthly checks are absolutely a necessity, I could stay here.  I’ve even been asked.  It is always wonderful when you have the answer and someone else has the question and they come together in the right place and time.  But we’ll see…funding in this world/in these days could be difficult.  But then again, I am an old version of 23 as they noted.


Even in this short time though it already feels like a re-discovery of the honeymoon nation I came to six years ago.  So maybe this country is my marital home bliss but maybe not via Johannesburg.


One Response to “Honestly, I feel better just leaving the city.”

  1. there is a little place in the mpumalanga province called “sabie”. it is still a bit of a backwards place… sometimes i wondered whether apartheid was still in place there. all of the black africans lived in next door “simile”.

    anyways, when you describe your utopia, sabie comes to mind. and i know some people there who call me family. Pieter and Maggie run a lodge in the high hills of the area, just at the misty edge of the highveld, just 45 minutes from the lowveld and the kruger national park.

    there is ministry there. there is respite. if you need to go see it before you leave south africa – if you need to know if there is a place calling you back – let me know. 🙂

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