I Need To Make More of An Attempt…

to update you. 

I had this real grieving late late last night when I realized that not only did I stop blogging for far too long but I didn’t even journal through that period.  I worried desperately that I had lost deep thoughts and emotions in that period.  I’m not actually sure that’s true but I still felt awful over it for far too long at a far too late hour.

So there is a lot to catch up on but it won’t happen all at once.  Especially because I am leaving tomorrow for a three day trip to a WV Area Development Program (ADP).  These are the actual community based centers that do the actual work I just support and research from the Regional Office and Global Centre.  These are the people who create livelihoods, hand out supplemental food packages, weigh and measure children, deliver microloans, and do overall community development.  I saw four of them on my Kenya and Lesotho trips but this will be the very first one I have seen in South Africa, the nation I have been living in for 3.5 months now!

And then when I return on Thursday I will have one “normal” day at work before heading out for a three day young adult church retreat. 

AND THEN it looks like I will be going to Zambia on Monday!  ZAMBIA.  Home of Victoria Falls-childhood memories of Sean and Meghan-current home of Karen-current travel destination of Gilly.  And Zambia for five days of work and then a weekend of whatever?  Whatever?  Umm awesomeness will be ensuing.  Long bumpy bus rides?  Vic Falls?  Old friends?  WHATEVER!

I will post as much as possible, that’s a promise.  And do you have questions for me?  Updates you deserve, require, crave?  Fascinating discoveries you’ve been unable to share due to lack of free and updated comment space for you?  What are your updates?  Let me know WHATEVER you want to know or want to share!


One Response to “I Need To Make More of An Attempt…”

  1. Yes, I miss your postings when you miss a few days.

    Yeah about all the travel! I’m excited for you! Looking forward to the blogs about it, and the pictures.

    Take care and God bless.

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