Attended the Young Adult Bible sudy last Night…

and to my already pensive mind, they added this quote to contemplate:

“The important thing is this: To be able at any moment to sacrifice what we are for what we could become.” -Charles DuBois

So think of it this way, am I willing to sacrifice who I am now so that God can develop me into what he knows I can become?

Maybe who I am is being dissolved as I feared, but maybe it’s for a greater good. 

What do you think?  Thoughts on this quote?  Has God ever changed everything (or most everything) about you to transform you in his glory?


3 Responses to “Attended the Young Adult Bible sudy last Night…”

  1. Oh, yes. He has.

    I am just a poor, leaky, cracked, lopsided pot. I surrendered to my Master over 20 years ago, and continue to surrender.

    Being shaped and formed into something else is not fun and I’d much rather keep that crack and that leak, thank you. But God is good, and faithful, and most of all loving as He shapes me and molds me. To God be the glory.

  2. The Nicodemous Question! The Kingdom of God is like…a mustard seed…a vineyard…a banquet…a complete undoing of our entire paradigmon life.

    An economy where Jesus felt it worthwhile to lay waste to the wealth of an entire village to bring healing and freedom to a demoniac crazy man, where a poor womans faith brings tears, and where death in the process of obedience is the least of worries.

    Follow this wild goose path…

  3. Before God ever changed everything about myself I was….. A serious Drug addict , sixteen years of this infested lifestyle to be exact there was no room for change. I wrote this….

    Looking for a solution to our problems now and in the near future seems impossible ,looking back at the past problems solved by the Lord reminds us that the impossble problem was solved impossibly . Lets remember our problems which have been solved by the Lord so that patience can have it’s perfect work through faith and endurance.

    Godbless Man God’s in the Business of change im clean and reborn now for two years…Praise Jesus

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