TV of Sorts…

My one full week without tv ended quietly late last night.  And as it turns out even with the tv I only have four channels right now as somehow my cable box was disconnected at the office level.  So, I watched very little today-not just because of lack of channels but also a lack of interest.  Not even just interest in the shows but interest in the noise, the excess.

And in the future I am planning to check out what is actually on tv and pick only my favorite shows/movies to watch instead of just turning the tube on and trying to find something interesting every half-hour to watch.

I baked two more Challah loaves today-this time cinnamon and raisin and with the proper six-strand braid.  And I didn’t need the tv on while preparing them.  Now granted I did go to the theater and watch a movie while the dough rose for the first two hours, but while at home, caring for the bread was enough work.  And it was satisfying by itself, I didn’t even put on music.

There were many nights throughout my TV-less week where I looked forward to getting home.  I had things to do and could truly focus on each activity one at a time, without needing background tv playing.

There were also some very hard nights.  I had thought I had lots of fun weekend plans but person after person bailed on me or never called to confirm.  TV would have been very nice to fit in those lonely slots, especially while waiting for phone calls that never came.  But I read instead and finished some very nice/very surprising novels.  I also am deep in the book of Hebrews, which is my favorite book.  I had one semester in college where I just read it over and over trying to make full heads and tails of all the wonderful things packed into it.

You know my only regret from the past week is not dancing enough.  So overall, that means it was quite a nice experience.

In entirely other news, my small group/bible study is meeting again this week now that the leaders are back from vacation.  And I got invited to another bible study for tomorrow night and I am quite excited and !pleased about it!


3 Responses to “TV of Sorts…”

  1. Thanks for keeping us up-to-date! I’m glad your week went well. You’ll no doubt have other periods of TV-less time, and I’m sure there will be more things to fill the time. Happy to hear about the Bible study, too! I’m still searching for a church in my new home….

  2. We swore off cable tv a few months ago. It was hard for a month or so. This was at the beginning of summer, so there was a lot to do. We spent a lot of time outside. We also spent more time as a family. Before everyone would be in their own room watching whatever was on.

    Now, we definately don’t miss it. We do have Netflix, and that helps. We can control what we are watching and no cruddy commercials featuring a man named Bob selling products I have to ask my husband what they are.

  3. Good for you! We, being in SA like you are, do without tv altogether. It’s just not something we wanted anymore. (Not to mention the stupid tv tax here! Please!) I was worried before we moved that we would miss it, but we have the internet, and that can become as addicting as leaving the tv on!

    But I have to say we do more things together without a tv than when we had one. Even if we were all sitting watching the same thing, we weren’t INTERACTING with each other. Huge difference. My kids don’t miss it.

    At least not that I know of!

    And I would love to meet for tea sometime. Where are you located? We’re in Midrand. Have a great Thursday!

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