I have thought of turning on the tv at least fifty times.

I have danced, terribly, but wonderfully for the soul, to one full cd.  (I pulled the curtains shut first so no one saw my erratic movements that are poetry in motion or miming to music.)

I have cooked a delicious curried noodle soup.

I have silently sat and listened and contemplated what it means to be still and know that he is God.

I have prayed and prayed and prayed.  Prayed that I don’t fill the holes of tv with other mindless activities, thoughts, etc.  Prayed I would fill it with God and serving others.

I have read lots of Paul’s epistles to all those different communities.  I have taken notes on what I have read.  If you care to hear them, let me know.

I have washed all the dirty dishes in my house: and if you cooked/baked like me, you’d know that is many.

I have had the deepest & hardest conversation of the past six months that largely related to the past of all silly mumbo-jumbo things.  (That’s nearly a direct quote.)

I have started dreaming what my next 2.5 months will look like here in Africa.

Overall, it’s been quite nice-truly.


3 Responses to “NO TV TIME”

  1. well done. you are not missing anything. keep up the praise habit…

  2. The longer you keep it up, the easier it will get, and the more your time will be filled with other things God will send your way.

    Keep it up, my friend!

  3. 011-837-3437 – they don’t have a voice mail of any sort so if it rings no one is there…usually someone is in the office between 8-4.

    Beauty Molefe is who you might want to speak to if you call and Willie is not there. Beauty helps to coordinate the squatter camp feeding. Tell her I sent you to help.

    Rosy Jacobs coordinates the prison ministry if you are interested. They do a monthly outreach within the prison for those in the “mothers with children” section. Cool stuff.

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