I Have Become a Poor Blogger…

And it is not because nothing has happened.  It’s almost as if too much has happened, it overwhelmed me and I gave up or just made pitiful attempts to keep up with you all on what was up with me.

So I will give you a random blog of thoughts, feelings, facts, etc to catch you up/fill you in/whatever.

~I am in the midst of medical school applications.  My primary applications are in and now it is a rush to complete my secondary applications by their due dates.  Applying to medical school is very difficult from Africa, I keep having to send my parents e-mails full of things they need to fax, mail, anything I can’t do from here which really, is most things.

~I am hoping to go to medical school in Fall 2009, Fall Northern Hemisphere style. 

~As most of my dear readers are entering their own fall, I am entering Spring-Southern Hemisphere style.  It’s quite lovely.  Two springs in one year.

~I still haven’t seen a real rainstorm here.  They’re running late, supposedly and I miss it.

~I have baked four cakes in three weeks and will be working on number five in four tonight with the 8 year old daughter of a co-worker. 

~I have missed hanging out with children for five plus years now, so tonight is just a small effort to make up.

~I like kids a lot. I think about building forts, baking homemade pizzas, and watching High School Musical movies quite often (shhh, don’t tell).  This might just be a physical extension of missing my own much younger sisters but I think it’s more than that too. 

~I am still working out who I am these days, keeping a list of what I actually know about myself right now.  Hates, loves, etc.  Feel free to share what you actually know for sure about me in the comments.

~One thing I know for sure is I love the Bible and discussing it, arguing it, sharing it with others.  I love me some small groups, devotionals, biblegateway.com

~I am looking for opportunities for more international work from Jan-July-ish of 2009.  Any suggestions?  Opportunities?  Contacts?

~There are three friends I always wish I could be cooking for or baking for everytime I prepare a dish.  Two out of three of them know who they are, I think.

~My friends are really the international sort either coming or currently in exotic places all over the world: Romania, India, Israel, Korea, Switzerland, New Zealand.  It is exciting and wonderful that facebook/skype allow me to talk to these people every now and then.

~I wish I could go caving, desperately, I mean this would readjust my entire psyche.

~ This, ~ , is my favorite symbol on the entire keyboard.  I don’t know what it is called or what it’s use is for, but I love it.

That’s enough for now.  We might have to have a picture version of some of this-just a blab blog to fill you in/catch you up/whatever.

Now it’s your turn, what are you thinking, feeling, doing?


3 Responses to “I Have Become a Poor Blogger…”

  1. Yeah, I noticed you were slacking off a bit with the blogging and guessed at the reason. It’s OK – I doubt you have lost your core group of readers.

    Keeping connected with children is so important. I have an 8-month old great-nephew I have been blessed to see every week, but I miss the ALNC kids terribly.

    I have been cooking again and it feels so good, and comfortable, and right. I miss my own recipie books, but my sister has some I haven’t explored yet so that’s OK.

    I really, really regret packing away all my art things. That was not a smart move. I’ll have to break down and get some more, I think.

    Technology today is a wonderful thing. You can connect with people around the world through various means. Even my Pastor friend in Sri Lanka I can email with and keep in touch.

    I think you brave for tackling medical school after everything else you’ve done. I suspect blogging will go wwwwaaaaaaaayyyyyyy down when you start it – hmmm?

    For me my pace of life has slowed way, way down. I can’t say I like it, but I know I am following God’s will so I am trying to count my blessings during this time, which are many.

    Keep us all in touch, my friend!

  2. Willie should be back in ZA Tuesday. He flew out of Houston on Monday.

    The local squatter camp is named Joe Slovo. You can help them feed the kids there anytime. And they can always use help cooking for the community on Wednesday nights (where you’ll get to meet our best friend Beauty and the world’s best cook Fadia)….

    If you have specific skills, they are pretty open to anything – the community is pretty poor and relies on the angels that God brings through in order to make it one day at a time. Be an angel. 🙂

  3. Hey Jennifer! How are the med school appls going? Have you heard back from any schools yet? Let me know if I can help you with anything… And I believe ~ is called a tilde… 🙂

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