The Promised Land (or at least the Promised Lesotho pictures)…

Lesotho is a very very interesting place.  Their major export is water, but they also have diamonds.  A very large one of which, was just found last week.

It was also a place of refuge for many people over time.  It is full of hills and caves and like people for generations and across the world have done before, a safe place to hide.  Many people escaped to the region around the Apartheid period of time.  It was land that the white people did not want, not fertile and too rocky for much use.  So in the end the people were able to create their very own country run by a King within the country of South Africa.

It is a stark land, all one color mostly-at least this time of year.  But it really does have a strong culture and nuances. 

I will leave you with my favorite picture and a bit of the story behind it.  But for the other pictures you can/should go to my new facebook album found here…

Lesotho in all its Loveliness

Lesotho in all its Loveliness

So here’s the story.  I was supposed to go climb a mountain with a WV Lesotho employee and her family.  But as she is a pastor’s wife and it was a Sunday our leaving was put off for many hours due to her prior engagements.  By the time she came, we realized it was too late to get to the mountain, climb, and get back.  So instead, with her husband and youngest daughter (3) we grabbed ice cream from KFC (who would have thunk it-it’s no DQ) and then went on a few hour tour around Maseru, the capital city. 

Turns out her pastor husband is from the DRC, and years before meeting his wife, he had a dream he would one day speak to his wife in English.  Funny thing is he only spoke French at the time he had this dream.  But years later he met and married his English tutor, who he met at a church in Johannesburg of all places.  She doesn’t fully speak French yet and he doesn’t fully speak Sotho yet, so they really do speak English with one another.

This picture is overlooking the valley we drove out to-it is the pastor and the three-year old daughter.  And yes, that is a CocaCola in his hand.  Like Midas, it seems to be everywhere you want to be.  No Pepsi in these parts, folks.


One Response to “The Promised Land (or at least the Promised Lesotho pictures)…”

  1. That is a truly awesome picture, Jennifer. Wow – the way you have captured the landscape, the hills and valleys, the towns, and in the middle; the two people. Really awesome. Thanks for sharing that.

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