A picture quiz…

Here are some pictures of some of the groups I interviewed in Kenya.  One or more of these groups may be HIV positive?  Can you tell who?  Please read all the way down the post-I wouldn’t want to you to miss anything.


Have you figured it out?  Are you curious?

Well, it’s going to stay that way because:

1. It’s confidential.  I have no more right to publicly display someone’s or some group’s positive HIV status as I do to go through your finances or read all your text messages in your cell phone.  If someone has been open enough to share their status with me does not then give me any right to be open with others about it.  An HIV status is a private thing for each person and only they alone have the right to share it with others.

2.  People with HIV don’t look any different from people without HIV.  You probably couldn’t even find a group in these photos that looked sick, emaciated, or covered in sores.  HIV is not noticeable.  When the virus leads to full-blown AIDS then you might notice something, but then again some people even when their immune systems are most vulnerable don’t look or even get sick.  And with the help of anti-retrovirals a person can move from AIDS back into HIV and live for many more years.

So now you know or were reminded of two very important facts surrounding the HIV & AIDS epidemic.


2 Responses to “A picture quiz…”

  1. Thanks for the pictures! And the facts……

  2. despair is cause for hope…

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