I have Kenya under my fingernails…

and I think the feeling is mutual or at least that’s what I am telling myself.

I love Kenya.  In ways I did not love Botswana. Maybe my too short trip prevented real love to the Bots but oh Kenya, we’re feeling it.

I really didn’t know what to expect.  Dear Kenya is the homeland of so many dear friends (sorry I blanked on you last time Laura!).  I knew Kenya was well missionized and I thought it would be well Westernized as a followup.

Boy was I wrong.  I have been wondering if anyone in Africa still bought their fruit from a stand and not a grocery store.  Yes’m in Kenya some people still do.

There is so much to say.  I have blog post after blog post formulating in my head after my visit and the research we conducted.  Topics like purity, abstinence, responsibility, dusty snot, trash, industriousness, FGM, other cultural practicaes, Swahili, tea, sweet bananas, inventions that changed Africa, condoms, etc.

Any sound particularly interesting that you’d like to hear first?

Let me share the facts: in ten days I was in Nairobi twice plus four other rural communities called Doldol, Daiga, Ololobten, and Kikuyian.  I was there with a team of six people: three Kenyans, two Americans, and one South African.  We were conducting interviews throughout communities with pastors, people living with HIV & AIDS, congregational HIV Hope Teams, etc, etc, etc.  We were trying to see how the Channels of Hope program has been implemented throughout the country and affected the lives of the people there reducing stigma, increasing Voluntary Counseling & Testing (of HIV) rates, decreased infection rates, improved positive living skills, etc.

This is what I will also be doing in Lesotho this week.  And if I can get someone in this office to hire me for another six months this is a bit of what I’d be doing early next year too as they have one more country to interview.  It was fantastic, I learned so much for myself and from others.  I met wonderful people, saw the most beautiful scenery of my life, and was just blessed overall.

Internet will be on and off in Lesotho but I will make some attempts to keep posting somewhat regularly.  I have some 300 plus photos, a few  of which are ridiculously wonderful.  But to start let me just give you a taste of Kenya…


3 Responses to “I have Kenya under my fingernails…”

  1. Thanks for the pics!

    Topics I’m interested in: Dusty Snot, Industriousness, FGM, Inventions that Changed Africa, Condoms

  2. terrific! i’m more joy-filled for reading this. and you made it to the giraffe center! I will find you one day and we’ll sit down and drink coffee (or more probably chai) and talk about all these things and trade stories and more.

  3. Hey Jennifer,
    Just got back from visiting Emily in Atlanta (visit “encouraged” by Hurricane Gustav). Emily is headed off to Kenya in a couple of weeks for a process eval of health surveillance in Somali refugee camps in collaboration with UNHCR. I’m gonna forward her your blog so she can see all that you have been up to.

    Loving your blog. If you want more fruit stands, head west. I never saw anything but stands outside of the capital in Guinea.

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