I thought I’d just go back to my desk job…

after returning from a ten day trip to Kenya for field research.

But no.  Instead I will get one short night back in Johannesburg and then will go on an eight day jaunt to Lesotho (one of those little kingdom countries inside of South Africa) for more field research.

The Lord cleared the way giving me immediate approval from my boss and other projects I worried about missing just happened to be cancelled. 

I’ve been spending my days meeting the coolest people ever, taking photos of giraffes on the road, eating sweet bananas, learning some Swahili, etc.  And I’m being paid for it all.  Best internship ever, let me tell you.

Awesome?  I think so.

This means there might be a longer drought for ya’ll with very few posts.  Internet is questionable.

I do love ya’ll but I am loving this so immensely.  I feel the Lord’s pleasure radiate through me with every joyful sigh I let out.


2 Responses to “I thought I’d just go back to my desk job…”

  1. Oh! I’m so excited for you!
    Oh! I will miss your posts!
    Oh! I can’t wait to see your pictures and hear what you have to say!

    Take care and God bless, Jennifer.

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