Change Has Come…

or has it?  My roommate and I both have different workshops to attend this week.  As she was heading one direction and I was headed the other, she called a shuttle to pick up her and all of the equipment for the workshop early this morning. 

It turned out the shuttle driver was the very first person to welcome me to this city as he was my shuttle driver when I arrived on July 13th.  But this morning he didn’t even recognize me whatsoever though it’s barely been over a month.  And he should remember, you’d think, we spent nearly two hours together desperately trying to find our way to my flat.

So it left me to wonder…am I so changed by this big city?  Has Gold City brought a steely glint to my eyes, or a spring to my step?  Do I have street smarts?  Has the smell of smoke invaded me?  Have I grown in love any?  Do I radiate kindness?  Or strength of mind?  Am I unrecognizable for better or worse now?

I don’t know, you tell me.

Has Change Come?

Has Change Come?


3 Responses to “Change Has Come…”

  1. I don’t know if you changed, but I do like that you’re wearing your chicago sweater in the picture. And your hair looks purty.

  2. We can’t hear your words, your tone of voice, or see your body language over the internet. But yes, I think you have changed. You look a bit more mature. Which is what I expected.

    You should grow and learn from your experiences. You are growing into the woman God has in mind for you, and it is exciting and fun to watch, and be a part of with this blog.

  3. You look beautiful – but that’s not a change 🙂

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