Let’s go fly a kite after the braai tonight!

I love kite flying.  I have an exceptionally good kite that I fly as often as possible or at least as often as I remember I own it & the weather is right.  Which truth be told, is not often enough.

But braai-ing, ooo I will make every attempt to do this enough while here.  Whether I have a grill or not, which I don’t-I will fight for as many braais as possible.

Remember I told you a day or two ago, a braii is a barbecue here in Southern Africa.

I had one six years ago in Cape Town and one this past Saturday in Botswana.

Yum yum yum yum yum yum yum.  My hosts bought so much meat for it to cover all the guests that were coming.  But sadly they didn’t all come, one group even hit a cow and totaled the car on the way to the braai.  They were all fine, thank God, but the cow and the car were no more.

But the absence of many of the intendeds meant that those who were there ate meat upon meat upon meat.  We grilled until 11 at night and had started around 5.  And then we woke up and ate some more meat.

You see Southern Africa is one big meat-loving village.  I was told that everyone who can afford it eats as much meat as possible.  And those who can’t afford it eat meat at the weddings, funerals, and baby showers they are invited to multiple times a week.

I feel deep sorrow for anyone who is a vegetarian.  I like the environment and eating well too, but let me tell you, my environment and I–we get along fine, even better when I am eating organic free-range meat that tastes as heavenly as this did.  Ambrosia maybe, not that whipped cream salad, but true nectar of the gods. 

These steaks = Ambrosia.


2 Responses to “Let’s go fly a kite after the braai tonight!”

  1. Is there a slight bit of irony that someone hit (and killed) a cow on the way to a braai? The bovine population took quite a hit that night…

  2. Love the pictures (“lonely coals” HaHaHaHaHa)!! Cowabunga!!

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