Like I have said before…

I love dancing when I am able to do my own thing.  Now I have been dancing actively for at least ten years in my own crazy style.  This style is usually referred to as terrible-but-because-she-seems-to-have-a-good-time-we-let-her-get-away-with-it.

It was generally in a class of its own.  It is a mix of Riverdance and contemporary and maybe even some inflexible ballet with a bit of stomp and then some yoga moves put into it.

Then I realized it was like I had been speaking in tongues to a tongue that actually existed in a land far away.  You know, the story of the woman who clicked when being baptized by the Holy Spirit but didn’t realize it was an earthly language until she saw a National Geographic special on television.  She got the language from Heaven but found it could be used on earth too.  Using a fancy Greek term this is known as xenoglossia compared to glossolalia which is a heavenly tongue only. 

Well, to keep the analogy running–that is my dancing a xenoglossia phenomenon or xenoχορός which is my made up term for foreign dancing.

I thought it was heavenly or at least personal but found out it could be used on earth.  Because basically my entire life until now I have been dancing like a Tswana person without ever having seen a Tswana person dance.

So going to my first African braii (Barbecue) and dancing with the family and friends I found that I had only been practicing to dance with these people.  I knew the national dance of Botswana; I’d been doing it unknowingly my whole life!  It felt like coming home.

And now you’d like some pictures of the blessed event.  Am I right?

Please notice even in that last photo that everyone else has stopped dancing to look at pictures.  Everyone else but me and one cousin…

Folks, I have found my dancing soulmates.


3 Responses to “Like I have said before…”

  1. Oh, God is so good! I love it that you have found your dancing soul mates.

    Love the pictures, and especially seeing you in your John Brown University sweatshirt! Xenoglossia – what a great word.

  2. I just loved this post! It made me smile.

  3. And somewhere in the world, in some remote village on the coast of Australia or Yemen maybe, people dance like I have danced these past few years. Only when they have to, only when forced to, as close to never as possible. I will go there and find great joy, much like your joy in finding true dance partners!

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