Dearest readers…I am taking a break from blogging for the weekend


Yes, that’s right folks.  Yours truly is heading to Botswana to meet up with a great Tulane friend for his leaving-Africa-for-two-years weekend party.  Then we will drive back to South Africa on Sunday, play tourist for a day or two and then drop him at the airport on Tuesday for his nice long flight back to Texas.

So to tide you over (in the style of The Post-Karmic Stream ) I will leave you with some interesting blogs, reading, playing, cooking, etc.

1.  Go here.  I found this site while at work.  Watch the video and feel free to respond helping bring clean water to the entire world.  I bought a tap in the name of my good friend who is getting ready to head to Austin for a Masters internship..

2.  Read her great blog here.

3.  Then go here and cook up something great.  I’m going to be honest this page on my absolutely favorite website is representative of what Mandi and I call “Food Porn”.  Yeah, I said it.

4.  Read this fascinating article on the Iraq “War”.

5.  Now it’s time for you to go here and watch some videos about the fantastic online game called Line Rider.  The idea is you get to draw a route for a little character on skis to ski down and usually fall off wildly.  Once you get the concept down from youtube and you understand how cool this can be then go here and play the game yourself.

6.  Take a moment to sigh very sadly because both of the Hamm brothers are out of the Olympics this year.

7.  Please keep up-to-date on the Olympics this weekend so you can tell me all I missed while I was in Botswana.

8.  Do some reading up for me on How to Write a Devotional this weekend and give me your thoughts in the comments section.  Per my extreme interest in Devos every morning at WV and the supposedly coherent thoughts I have been giving frequently, I have been asked to prepare a Devotional for the entire office next Wednesday.  Prayers and thoughts are appreciated.  I have a few initial leanings as to what to speak about, but am still praying for God’s guidance.

9.  I would appreciate it if you would all adopt puppies this week.  One per home would be great, thanks.  I held a little puppy yesterday for the first time in years and it fell asleep in my arms.  If I wasn’t in a WV owned flat on a short-term internship, I would get my own pet.

10.  Finally I would love for you to do some good old Wikipedia haunting, I mean searching.   Give it five minutes-type in whatever you’d like and then comment here to let me know the weirdest thing you learned in that time.  Maybe there will be a present for the weirdest fact, concept, or picture.  Who knows?  Maybe I’ll pick up something for the winner in mind while I’m in Botswana for the weekend.


3 Responses to “Dearest readers…I am taking a break from blogging for the weekend”

  1. Thanks for the tasks! I’ll miss you over the weekend, but I am already looking forward to the pictures and blogs when you get back!

    WV Clean Water Video:
    Wow – very powerful. Anyone who has been overseas has their own ‘water’ stories to tell. I’ve heard many, many good stories since I was small of large and small organizations working to bring clean water to people all over the world. We take it for granted (along with a great many other things) in North America.

    Food Porn. Hmm. I learned a new phrase today. Gonna have to think about that one. Only glanced at one recipe (well, actually, I read every single rich, descriptive, witty word, and then drooled over every single picture. Excuse me – I have to change my shirt), but that web site will have to be delved into more. Thanks for the link.

    Iraq ‘War’
    Nice article. I like hearing things like this you NEVER hear anywhere else.

    Every time they come up I have to decide how much of my time I will devote to them. Not if – how much. And this year the coverage starts at 2:00am, at which time I am legitimately awake, due to my odd work hours. So my dilemma is: Get up early and watch until the last second when I have to leave for work —- or, handle Olympic watching in a more sane way? I haven’t decided.

    Puppies (and adopting animals)
    My little sister is getting an Irish Wolfhound puppy, to join her three other dogs. So I get my doggy fix vicariously through her for now. Everyone should find their right match at an Animal Shelter .

    I’ll let you know about the Wikipedia search. And the Devos.

  2. olympics: enjoy the soccer. besides being africa’s first love, soccer is the ONLY sport in the olympics where every continent has a legitimate chance to win. brazil, cameroon, germany, usa, japan, australia… (i am rooting for cote d’voire – the ivory coast – go africa!)

    devotionals are easier if you allow the people you are leading to do all of the thinking…for instance: for me, the goal of a devotional is to get people asking deep questions of themselves and challenging themselves to new things…

    wiki: you are about to learn the coolest entry webster’s dictionary (unless you already read about it on my blog): wiki “rube goldberg”, followed by “rube goldberg machine” and finally “rube goldberg machine contest”. good for the imagination.

    enjoy botswana. welcome to africa. 🙂

  3. I miss you chica. I am surprised at the outcome of the automatic versus the stick shift. I would have gone automatic just for the convienience factor and being a new dirver you can focus on the scenery (and driving of course) instead of remembering to shift at somewhere between 2500 to 3000 RPMs.

    I do find the Poineer Woman’s food to be appealing, but I have to disagree she is not “Food Porn” Oh! Chocolate is still the best “Food Porn” page I have found. A must to check out for any chocolate lover(


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