Have you been craving photos?

Well here we go then…

Attended my first field hockey game yesterday.  I have only seen this game on television or movies before, it’s an interesting concept.  Reminded me of my good old floor hockey days from elementary when I could wield that stick so well I could knock six grade boys straight on their backs.  I would love to play field hockey myself one day – I am ALL about hitting people in the ankles and blaming it on my aim.  But enough about me, here are pictures:


3 Responses to “Have you been craving photos?”

  1. johannesburg is ridiculous. there are so many sub-societies… i remember watching the street-kids kicking around rolled up newspaper held together with rubber bands and calling it soccer. and then our next-door neighbors played rugby. and someone else we knew rocked “netball”.

    one suggestion…take some male friends (for protection)…preferably some with a little color in their skin (again for protection)…and check out a big soccer match. nothing really gets africans excited like a great soccer match.

  2. I’ve heard of field hockey, but this is the first time I’ve seen pictures. Seems almost at the same crazy level as Rugby, but with sticks.

  3. gosh, i played field hockey in high school and seeing this, i miss it! we played in little plaid skirts though. good times.

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