Dearest friends…I am sticking with the stick.

Stick shift that is in case you’re utterly confused.  I have thought long and hard and prayed even longer and harder about this decision.

The best points drawn up in the comments on this blog and from friends all over the world for me were:

-It is more environmental.

-I’m not a quitter.

-I want to live overseas the majority of my life and really should know how to drive a stick shift.

And the absolutely biggest thing that helped me make the decision was myself.  I realized shortly after I typed the original post that if I didn’t care about driving a stick I wouldn’t even question the switch back to an automatic.  But because my gut reaction wasn’t Yes, bring me my automatic! then I knew there was something more between me and a manual transmission than I thought.  Something that I wasn’t ready to let go of after just two short weeks together.

So I am sticking with the stick.  And honestly I get better with it by leaps and bounds everyday.  My worst driving fear these days is just parking and pulling out of parking spots carefully. 

Please keep my safety in your prayers though-no matter what I drive there are risks.

And get excited for your personal e-mails coming shortly for everyone who commented!


One Response to “Dearest friends…I am sticking with the stick.”

  1. Oh, the stick-shift driving stories I could share with you!!

    I just knew you’d get better at it the more you did it. I think you made the right decision. Once again. Well done, Jennifer.

    Happy shifting!! 🙂

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