I believe I have found a church home here…

for the last two weeks I have gone to His People Johannesburg – Parktown North, the church my boss attends.  I have really enjoyed it but it took me 45 minutes to get there last week-45 minutes!  That might be due to the two races going on last weekend that forced all drivers to the major roads to avoid the blocked roads, but even the week before it took 30 minutes or so.

And of all the things I learned from my parents (of which there are a great GREAT many) one big lesson was to attend a local church.  The closer your church is, the closer your church family is and the more able you are to serve in ministry.  This is very important.  

So when I realized that His People Jo’burg church has a Westrand congregation I decided to look into it.  In fact, the Westrand group meets in the church just down the hill from me in that very mall you can see from my complex!  It takes a whole five minutes, ten if there’s traffic to get to it!

I attended and loved it today and then joined the young adults for lunch and outreach time going to local businesses to hand out pamphlets about the church.  And I made my first real friends outside of my roommate’s friends and co-workers.  It is a very nice feeling to have people to belong to, and a church home for the next 4 months and 1 week, and even better to know that I have adopted as an heir to the only God who is good, all the time.


3 Responses to “I believe I have found a church home here…”

  1. glad you found a place…thanks for your journey and the inspiration and remembrance it has brought me. you are the reason for my monday post. thanks again.

  2. Right down the street – how great is that?! I’m so glad you found a church home, Jennifer.

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