God is Good, All The Time.

All the time, God is Good.  I have recited this many times at churches over the years.  But it is only in those darkest moments that you truly get it, I mean really absorb it.  The idea that God is Good is already a huge one in itself from the gods of other religions and faiths.  The stories of the Greek and Roman gods show that they were just like hedonistic rich/intelligent humans-they did whatever they wanted for their own pleasure.  They didn’t send rain unless it pleased them, never because it would please their believers.

Many other god-concepts are these great unknown, transcendant beings who would only make themselves known to their followers when their followers gave up all of their daily life issues and joys or when their followers slaughtered non-believers in their god’s name.  These gods were also not considered good.

And then there are the god ideas that are considered good but still, only when it pleased them.  The idea and the TRUTH of a God who is Good, ALL THE TIME is only found in the Judeo-Christian faith, in my opinion.  And the God who would send send an incarnation, Jesus, to walk amongst humans and experience our sorrows and joys and temptations just turns the entire idea of god-head upside down.  “There is no one like our God, no one at all” as the song says, no other God that is Good, All The Time.

My God, who is Good All the Time, has allowed me to get back to Africa after six years of longing and waiting, usually not patiently.  At least three times a year, I became desperate and looked up summer jobs, internships, mission trips–anything to get back.  Ask Mom, she heard about it everytime.  But it was never right, too expensive, too short, too long, I was too busy.

But only when this opportunity arose and I felt a solid YES from the Lord and had a door that was not only open or beckoning did the truth really hit me.  It wasn’t the trips or the jobs that weren’t right yet, it ws me.   I had to spend the last six years getting a solid education behind me: finishing high school, university, and my graduate studies before I could really come back to Africa with something to offer other than physical labor and a willing spirit. 

And I do not believe I am done learning or studying yet.  I wonder if when I leave Africa in December it will be another six years before I get back while I go to medical school and complete a residency?

Another Maureen question was: But what is your hurry to get them all (multiple degrees in multiple subjects) completed sequentially?  And I am here to say that I believe that the Lord has already given me a solid idea of what I will do to serve others in my life (more on it later).  Getting to that point takes a lot of education, so I would rather press onwards instead of getting distracted.  But I am so grateful to my God, who is Good All the Time, to allow me this time and the next six months at least after I leave (and where ever I go) to work out my calling.

So I am just clinging to my God who is Good All the Time; who brings me safely through each day, soothes my often broken heart, and carries me step-to-step through his Will for my life all the while being endlessly grateful.


One Response to “God is Good, All The Time.”

  1. What a wonderful, affirming, loving thing to read first thing in the morning.
    God is indeed good, all the time.
    Thank you for your thoughts on how our God differs from other gods, and how He is working in your own life.
    One of the things all true Christians can be sure of while they are on this earth is that God is still not finished with us. He is still working out his loving plan for us.

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