Quick Q and A Time for Maureen Mostly…

Maureen has been my best commenter and question asker!  So this post is for her…AND maybe it will inspire some of you to ask more questions.  I have more of questions from Maureen and others that each seem to require a separate blog post yet to come.  So come on folks, ask away!

Where’s the fruit from? Quite a lot of it is from South Africa which is known for pretty fertile soil and boasts some of the best grapes and thus wineries in the world.  But there’s still a lot of it that is imported.  From a detailed study of the Fruit and Veg weekly specials I see that Peaches, Plums, Nectarines, Kiwis, and Grapes are all imported.  Everything else seems to be local and I hold the opinion that South Africa has some of the best avocados and oranges in the world!  See how large this avocado pit is—ginormous?  I have placed it next to my salt shaker for a size reference. 


If the fat free milk gives you “long life”, what does the whole milk do?  Life to its fullest-or wait, that was Jesus who said he came to do that–I don’t drink whole milk so I am not sure.  Will ask around…


Does S.A. have anything like the Vegemite of Australia? And have you tried it?  There is Vegemite here imported from Australia.  Another weird spread I have found is Bovril, a beef extract from the UK.  My roommate claims to be a Pescetarian (vegetarian who eats fish) but she spreads Bovril on her toast and tries at least one bite if not a plateful of any meat dish I make at home.  (But shhh…don’t tell her boyfriend who is an absolute vegetarian!)  I haven’t tried Bovril yet, but I have tried Vegemite back in the States.  I didn’t love it but I didn’t find it repulsive either, at least not the small bite I took.


Are the TV news reports / newspapers filtered, or do you get the straight stuff?    We pretty much get the very straight stuff.  Interesting fact, the group Reporters Without Borders has ranked South Africa as the 43rd best country for Freedom of the Press.  America is ranked #48, five steps below.  You can see more rankings and details on the survey here.

Are the bird noises very different there? Any animal noises that startle you or keep you awake?  The birds are louder here so far compared to the States.  But it is winter so there are still less of them around than the States are holding these days.  I have not heard any lions, tigers, or bears yet and will never hear the latter two.  I live in a suburb and am the second to last row of flats on my hill or mini-mountain.  It’s generally very very quiet here. 

Love the blog plugs. How on earth do you find time to read them??  As a developing blogaholic, I make time for them.  Just last week I had a huge bookmarked list of blogs and websites I checked daily, if not more, in the hopes of an update.   My list was way too long so I decided to organize it last week.  Now I have three categories of blogs:


1.  Those I check everyday because they are my favorites and because they generally update every single day.  Right now, my daily check list consists of The Pioneer Woman and The Post Karmic Stream (who are actually on a blogging break, which gives you time to catch up on their whole story). 

2.  I have bookmarked only blogs that I am backtracking through currently and I remove the bookmark when finished.  As a developing blogaholic, when I find I find one I like I always want to learn the whole story.  So I am backtracking through at least five right now whenever I have time.  A few of these currently are: Passive-Aggressive Notes (my new funniest find), My Life as Julie Mom (a mother of three who lives here in South Africa working with her husband as missionaries to the deaf community!), and Found a Peanut (a pregnancy blog from a mother due in the next one or two weeks honestly detailing her unexpected second pregnancy-as an intended future OB/GYN I am loving this one!).

3. I ended up putting around 95% of my regular blogs into a Google Reader account so that I just check that once or twice a day and it shows me any updates.  That way I am not aimlessly checking and checking the same blog over and over again.  My absolute favorite blogs though I still keep bookmarked because they usually post everyday.  Learn more about Google Reader here and feel free to add  my blog to your reader list!  Your Google Reader list can be shared with friends who have a Gmail account, so if you would like to see my list or share yours just comment and I will get in touch with you.

 And now, I have one question for you dear readers…Should I stick with the Manual or switch to an Automatic?  See yesterday’s post for the full details!

I am looking for two more comments on the matter before I make my final decision!  Remember, we wanted to hit 15!


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