I blog about food a lot, so here’s a little more…

What I’ve been eating recently:
Thus, I am not starving here in Africa. 
And I did not eat the Boerwoers raw, I’m just showing them to you.
P.S.  Don’t forget to submit questions for our upcoming Q & A time.  Even if they seem silly or dumb or just plain crazy.  I like questions.  I like comments.  I like you.

One Response to “I blog about food a lot, so here’s a little more…”

  1. Maureen Says:

    I love the pics and look forward to the recipies! You’ll have to bring back some of those Aero cookies.

    I brought back some common cookies from Australia in 2005 – now I can’t remember the name of them. But they were like (but much better) the wafer cookies you can get in the States. And my 1st plane trip to Russia we were given cookies that were like (but without the carmel) Twix, but oh so good! Never had them since, and I never saw them in the stores.

    Nice talking with another cookie lover…..

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