Check out my room…

now that it is all nice and clean and unpacked.  Look how clean and organized it is (Mom!):

Nothing's coming out of this closet.

Nothing's coming out of this closet.

Now, if I can just keep it so clean and tidy.  Hahahaha.  Actually so far it looks just as nice as these pictures and it’s already been four or five days.  Who knows, maybe Africa inspires extreme cleanliness in me?  I guess it’s not hard though when you have a housekeeper washing clothes three times a week and making your bed when she doesn’t think you’ve made it well enough (yes, I have been trying to make my own bed).  My favorite part of having a housekeeper is just seeing how clean and sparkly my extra-long tub is on the days she comes by.  I’ve only used the tub twice because I don’t really want to disturb that extra sparkle!


4 Responses to “Check out my room…”

  1. Wow ZA sounds awesome so far. I like the car 🙂 So you did get your license then 🙂 Good job finally passing the test. I like your room too, cute bedspread and I must say I’m a little jealous that you have a housekeeper. I even have to clean my own classroom let alone my house. I need to post pics of my room here soon. I just painted and I must say it looks pretty cool. A little darker than I wanted but still cool 🙂 So my trip to Phuket wasn’t expensive at all. This is Thailand we’re talking about. With everything included, hotel, flight, tours, food etc it was around $350. Crazy cheap and so amazing 🙂 You think you’ll get to go on any fun outings while your in ZA? How long are you there ’til again?

  2. Nothing really shoking, except for manybe the sheer amount of ladyboys, disgusting! Honestly I was pretty prepared for semester at sea. I definietly wish I had brought some different clothes and more shoes though. I brought a lot of tank tops and we harly wear them here except at the beach. How about you in ZA?

  3. Maureen Says:

    Great pics – I like your bedspread. Just remember – even if you have another time where you DON’T keep your room clean — you will always have this time when you did. So you know you can. If you ever want to again.
    Love the closet organizer – it looks just like mine.

  4. helll i was just browsing around the net and saw this page, can sombody explain what it is about, and also amanda can you give me some info on that cheap trip you made it sound amazing thank you JR

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