Bet you didn’t even begin to guess…


Some interesting things you might not know or have even thought about concerning life in South Africa.  Most houses, flats, etc that lock their doors have gigantic old fashioned key holes with old fashioned gigantic keys.  See here… and if you look closely you can see my living room right through the key hole.


Another thing is that people pay their electric bills up front and have a meter showing the energy slowly being used or leaked or wasted out over the month.  If they need more one month than expected they just add Kilowatts to their meter.  I think this idea is rather brilliant and would teach many people a good lesson about sustainability and wise stewardship in the USA.  Of course there would be some people who never get it because they’re just not getters of useful information.





And this doesn’t mean South Africa has a fantastic energy and power plan.  In fact, as I was typing this a blurb came up on the television saying declaring a power alert and asking people to turn off their swimming pools, geysers, and non-necessary appliances.  Speaking of swimming pools…our set of flats seems to have one, I spotted it from our balcony but I am not sure if it is a public one. (Edit: ‘ze roommate says ‘ze pool is a private one.)  And besides, it’s winter.  Who’s running a swimming pool anyways anywhere in the country?  Probably one of those non-getters of useful information.


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