My Filter…

So far, my work is pretty easy here.  Just doing internet treasure hunts for strong evidence and community-based facts to support the upcoming Global Health and Hope Initiative strategies.

But my brain is working overtime with doing this and living in a new country.  Terminology is different, numbers are different, names are different.  I am constantly filtering things through my mind to keep up.  And yet these people do it all the time, most of them in 2-5 different languages.

So here is my filtering map for you, mind the thinking bubbles…

Yes, I have no facial features anymore.  I accidentally left them behind in Seattle.


2 Responses to “My Filter…”

  1. Great stuff! I just discovered your blog. If you run into any innovative solutions or interesting projects through your work with World Vision please drop us a line and we can post it on our blog.

  2. Maureen Says:


    I LOVE this picture! Jennifer – not only did you leave your facial features in Seattle, you also did not bring any color clothes with you. Maybe ALNC can get a package together for you to add color to your life.

    Oh, this is good stuff!

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