Pictures coming…

management is having trouble buying the proper adaptors for their personal laptop which contains the correct picture downloading system.  Not trouble buying the right one just trouble getting to a store to buy one.  Many pictures have been taken and posts already written and nearly formatted, but it will be a while before you see them.

So for now, I will share more details and thoughts of my life that don’t require photographs.  And I will provide pictures of a different sort!

For your information there are three different World Vision offices here in Johannesburg.  I work in the HIV/AIDS Hope Initiative office, across the yard is the South African Regional Office (SARO, which works for I believe nine surrounding southern nations), and then currently about ten minutes away is the South Africa National Office.  The National Office is currently in works to move closer to the other two offices. 

Though I work in the Hope office, my boss, who I am interning for, is both the Hope and the Global Health director.  So both her time and accordingly mine, will be split 50-50.  The rest of the Global Health office as I know is in Federal Way and they are the wonderful folks I worked with right before I came.  Sarah C. if you’re reading this and anything sounds wrong or stupid, be sure and let me know!  I want to only speak the truth to my readers, but it usually just results in the best as I know it.

I still haven’t met this boss actually but will do so tomorrow as she is currently flying back from the states right now.

So now that you know all that, you should know that we have devotionals everyday here.  Mon, Wed, and Fri are with both the Hope office and SARO.  Once a month, all three offices get together for devos.  And Tues and Thurs are just with the Hope office. 

Devos are lovely because:

1.  They are about God, who I like, a lot!

2.  They help me get to know all the office members better and learn about their faiths more.

3.  They are part of our work, but they are not technically work, so it is a fantastic way to start my mornings while still being on the clock.

Today our devos were led by members of the HR department of SARO.  And they shared this (see below) about stress with us, which I have nicely made into paint pictures for those visual learners out there…click through each picture for more details or just soak up the entire concept through the gallery–as you wish.

As Christians, we must take time to follow Jesus’ example to keep our stress levels low while keeping our productivity and service to God and others high.  Here are three ways Jesus did this:

1.  Jesus prayed.  He kept his focus on the Father as the number one activity and passion in his life.  See Mark 1:35 and Luke 5:16 for examples.
2.  Jesus shared his stress with his friends.  He had partners to listen to him and pray with him and love him through it all (not that they fully understood at the time just what Jesus would go through on the Cross, but they knew he didn’t have it easy being the Son of God).  See the gospels for many many examples.
3.  Jesus took care of himself physically with food and rest.  Other than his 40 day fast, the gospels speak about him eating and sleeping normally amidst his busy life of saving the world.  See Matthew 26:26, Mark 2:15, and Mark 4:38 for examples (also notice that Christ used a cushion…maybe I didn’t have to practice sleeping on the ground two years ago!).

3 Responses to “Pictures coming…”

  1. Paulsen! i’m so happy to read from you again! sounds like you’re doing well! i’m so excited for you and i’ll be praying for you.

  2. Maureen Says:

    Wow – devotions being part of your job. Is that a blessing or what?

    I’m glad you have people around you that can help you learn about this stuff, be aware of it, and be there for you. I’ve only had short-term missions and have not experienced the charts are you show them.

    Thanks for posting!

  3. thank you for sharing this. this is exactly why i took a leave of absence for a month in may so that i could get back to a blank slate of stress. i didn’t know all the terms or anything, but what you described in the pictures is exactly what was going on. anyway, it’s good to know that my actions weren’t just something i made up in my head, but something that is actually talked about by people from world vision. 🙂

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