Jacinta Ball asked Where I Was At…

and since I like comments, I also like to respond to them (in time, don’t rush me folks!).

But first, a lil’ update…

Finally met the roommate, Rebecca, who is truly nice but is leaving rather unexpectedly in a month.  Went for a real shopping for the first time tonight.  Checkers is like a Super Walmart but just not organized as nicely (according to me of course). 


Met one neighbor.  An Afrikaner who was trained in both Mechanical and Electrical Engineering and now works for a mining company.  He offered once to teach Rebecca how to speak Afrikaner.  I might see if the offer is still good with a different student.  I need language skills.  I do know that some view Afrikaans as the language of oppression here but it is also a useful viable tongue.


Rebecca and I have already had some great conversations, in my opinion at least. She is quite brilliant and a few years more experienced in this whole humanitarian aid thing which is wonderful for me as a spongy sort of life learner.

So, by the way, Jacinta Ball and everyone else–I am here:

When I have time to take more pictures I will show you much much more of where I’m at, including my proximity to the UFO, aka: Weird House up the hill from me.

But for the time being, I will leave you with my office address, which is also my mailing address.  As far as I know if you send cool things to me they will reach my doorstep.  Thus, you should feel free to send interesting books, postcards, letters, safety pins (which I couldn’t find at the store last night), money, my facewash I left at home (Mom!) etc, etc, etc.  I don’t have any weird cravings for something you can only buy in America yet but if I develop any in the next five months I will let you know and will expect quick deliveries!

WVI Constantia Office Park, Gateview House A2 cnr Hendrik Potgieter & 14th Ave. Weltevreden M/S 1715 M/S, Johannesburg, South Africa

It’s a mouthful but it should take you less  than 15 seconds maximum to write it out on your letter or package to me.  I measured and it only took me 9 seconds but I budgeted a bit extra for you so you could slip some Rand in the envelope too!

Hey, I was also wondering…for you who read this…how does the page look?  Is the text color hurting your eyes?  Are my paragraphs too long?  Do you want more pictures?  I am writing this to be read and read often by people I love so I want to make it as comfortable as possible.  Comment with your thoughts dearies!


3 Responses to “Jacinta Ball asked Where I Was At…”

  1. Maureen Says:

    HaHaHaHaHaHa!! You have too much time on your hands if you are timing how long it takes you to write an address my dear! I’d love to hear that address spoken by a native – it must sound so exotic.

    As for this page – I don’t like the black background too much, but otherwise things show up fine. No, the paragraphs are not too long for me. Pictures are always best – post them when you can.

    I’ll try to drop you a note soon. Keep writing!

  2. Your blog is great!!!!
    Very easy to read, dio are great, love the lay out, white on black very easy on my eyes.More pic the better.
    You write just like you talk and I have always loved our conversations.
    I plan on be a reg.

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