Cleaner and Well Rested…

I am much better.  There is television, four or so channels with interesting South African soap operas, outdated and rather unpopular American movies and commercials about everything from the hottest new interesting cell phone ring tone to HIV/AIDS control.


There is also warm water, which is a delight.  And there are enough blankets to keep warm otherwise.


I went on a bit of a walk to buy supplies from the petrol station just down the hill, or should I say hills.  I was absolutely panting on the walk up, I have to go through three or four hills for a five minute walk.  And last night, the shuttle driver’s car started rolling down a hill when he didn’t hit the gas in time.  If I am to drive a manual these hills will take some good solid practice.


I was really in need of toilet paper and food. See…




Don’t forget to click on my pics to enlarge them and read my detailed descriptions.  I try and be funny so it’s worth it, maybe!


But see what I bought?!  And I had a large chunk of change leftover from my R100 bill.  Change seen here too!


 I don’t have internet, which is why you’re getting a diary of multiple days.  But I am slowly planning and developing blog posts full of great information and pictures!


2 Responses to “Cleaner and Well Rested…”

  1. Maureen Says:

    Ok – does the “Whofahrt” sound like it is spelled? Goodness, the jokes you could tell about that! And it is especially funny that it is the “preferred choice”!!

    If the fat free milk gives you “long life”, what does the whole milk do?

    You need to save the Jungle Oats carton for your scrapbook.

    Love your postings, Jennifer!

  2. Jen DeGier Says:

    I am clicking on pictures but no funny captions ;(
    boo on me for being a computer breaker.
    i love, love, LOVE the puppy toilet paper though. can i get some of that? speaking of conservation…. if my toilet paper had puppies on it I would definitely not use as much!

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