Bring on the Pepperoni Sticks or Boerewors…

Oh boy, Oberto! I am here!  It only took two ten hour plane trips, five meals (whoa!), and a pair of swollen ankles.  Well, actually it took a bit more.  My driver and I had a bit of difficulty finding my housing accommodations.  In the end, picture me with a big Afrikaner snooping around a set of condos with flashlights, desperate to find number 17.  But oh my goodness, this place is snazzy.  I don’t think I’ve ever lived anywhere so glamorous.  Sorry Mom and Dad, but glamour does not define our house-comfortable, full of love, and warm do though.  I mean this place is tight!  I don’t know how else to explain it other than to show pictures.  And the view is magnificent, minus the roofs of the other condos or flats (I don’t know what to call them). 


When I arrived no one was here and I don’t know if I’ll see anyone until Monday.  Lillian is supposed to pick me up for work, but I have no idea what time!  Ha.  Maybe I’ll just attempt to be up and ready by 7 to be safe.  Or 7:30… Or?


There is very little food and as no one is here, I don’t know if I can borrow a potato or two for meals from them.  I might venture out; there is a mall of sorts nearby.  I will probably try and ask the security guard at the front desk if it is safe to do so.  This is a gated community with high security.  In fact, we set off the alarm of the condo last night while snooping around.  But thank God, my driver also has his own business installing security systems and knew what the standard initial code is! 


But don’t worry I am fine.  I live for adventure (maybe not sky diving and BMX racing) but the adventure that comes with travel.  I remember traveling mostly alone from Whidbey Island to Seattle some years back, and then Siloam Springs to New Orleans for spring break, and now Seattle to Johannesburg.  I am stretched every time, and it always makes me laugh a lot.  Because what else is there to do: break down, be an ugly American?  I think not.


Some pictures for your entertainment are included below.  Detailed descriptions should show up if you open the pics individually.  I didn’t include a pic of my room because I’m still not positive it will be mine permanently, thus I haven’t unpacked, thus it looks not so hot right now.  God speed dear friends, leave comments. 




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