The aforementioned photos…

are here!  Let’s see, from six years ago this month…

1) we have laundry day in the Cape Flats,

2) a sign warning drivers of a speed bump ahead & Robben Island (where Nelson Mandela was held in prison for 18 years) which was my first ever view of the Atlantic Ocean,

3) my first ever view of the Indian Ocean with its beach houses all lined up and brightly painted,

4) Wes and I downtown with tribal dancers (yes, I’m the white girl),

5) our team in front of the church we worked with in Manenberg,

6) and our view of Table Mountain from the boat to Robben Island as well as a sunset over the Atlantic.

And Dawn asked when and why and how long I will be there.  To clarify, these previous pictures are from the greater Cape Town area.  But this time I will be heading to Johannesburg, much more east and inland.  I leave this Friday, June 11th.  I will be there until December 15th, so just over five months.  And I will talk more about why I am going in my next post, so once again…be excited and hold tight all at once!



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