Sigh, life is much better AND now for some stories…

I’ve been riding the bus back and forth to Federal Way for my US-based portion of the internship.  Wow, I thought I saw and heard strange things while riding the public transit system in New Orleans.  Boy, was I wrong!

On Monday, one lady got frustrated waiting for everyone to board the North-bound bus and tried to exit out the front.  The driver wouldn’t let her leave through the front because some people were boarding who needed special assistance and space.  He told her to exit through the back door and she just went crazy, “I’M A GONNA BRING MY FRIENDS UP HERE TO SHOOT YOU SO MUCH, YOU THINK I’M JOKING, I’M GONNA GO GET THEM RIGHT NOW!  YOU’RE DEAD, I’M SERIOUS!  DON’T THINK I’M KIDDING.”  There were some more expletives included, all of which the bus driver responded by constantly repeating, “BRING ‘EM!”  I’m not sure this would have been my response, but oh well.  Lord keep him.

That same day just before climbing onto the bus I had seen an angry mother rip off her young daughter’s radio player and head phones and throw the entire machine into the garbage can because her daughter couldn’t hear her talk.  Later I saw a bus driver reprimanding the mother for her harsh actions but she didn’t seem to speak much English so I don’t know if she was ashamed, angry, or confused at his interference.  And of course, it wasn’t long before someone opened up the garbage can and took the electronics for themselves. 

The next day, a detective and a uniformed police officer entered the bus speaking into their walkie-talkies as they moved to the back to ask a homeless man to leave the bus.  I’m sure there was a good reason for it, but I wasn’t sure what it was.  I did hear an older gentleman comment that it looked like his tax dollars were at work though, which was an interesting thought. 

I’m currently reading Power Lines, the memoir of the South African Peace Corps experience of Jason Carter, Jimmy Carter’s grandson.  So far, it is a fantastic book and it ties together thoughts from my last experience there and thoughts for my upcoming trip. 

Next Wednesday will be my last day of working at the Federal Way office and I am spending my time between now and then learning as much as possible to make my projects easier once I get there.  I also desperately need to start the purge and pack of belongings, which I generally hate doing.  Oh well, let’s get to it.

Oh by the way, I will be looking for old photos from my last trip to scan and post on here soon, so look forward to something, will ya?!


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