‘Zis is why I have been using ‘ze so much…or at least it’s my best guess.

Have I mentioned that WV has an exercise lunch time hour at least on Thursdays?  On my first day of work it was hard to focus while these middle-aged ladies and at least one guy were doing like a 1980’s exercise tape thirty feet away.  Their waving arms and pumping legs were so funny and inspiring all at once.

So my US-based co-workers…one is like 6’5″ or something super tall, one looks like a forty year old Nathan Cozart, one went into her temp agency to tell them she’d do whatever it takes to work for WV, one -no- two actually have eyes the same blue as Benjamin Linus from Lost, one is like a really productive curly-headed friend of old, one is opinionated like nobody’s business, etc.  They are fantastic.  Six of us had lunch at Olive Garden on Thursday which was fantastic! 

These people are so insanely intelligent, up-to-date on everything from slavery chocolate to the upcoming Batman flick.  Here’s a link about slavery chocolate if you’re totally confused like I was when I first heard the term.  They can relax and laugh and even lose focus comfortably when it happens.  But they don’t rabbit trail endlessly and so far it is always enlightening.  I am so happy to have these weeks to prepare for the work ahead and to really get planted in the team that I will be skyping and e-mailing with for the next five months.

I know that many of their names would bring up unbelievably impressive google results if I plugged them into the search engine.  And yet, we use first names and they include me in everything.  I hope the joy and ease of these first two days continues all the way through my internship.  I have already worked for one Christian organization that just really hurt me and burnt some of my views of working with other Christians.  I hope and pray that WV will prove to be different.  So far, it seems to have worked for them for years.  But for the grace of God, the whole organization should have collapsed years ago. 

It has worked though, for years and worked well.  “But for the grace of God” is becoming a key phrase for me these days.

Oh, and I am leaving on July 11th as guessed.  I will have a short layover in Paris which will be a first.  I have only had layovers in London before and that has been my entire European experience.  I am surprisingly excited, I never thought Paris was very interesting until I saw my itinerary! 

If you read the article I linked on slavery chocolate above, let me know what you thought.  Does this change your view on chocolate?  I’ll admit the idea of it bittered the piece of chocolate that was beautifully melting in my mouth when the conversation came up over Olive Garden’s after dinner chocolate mints.

Later dears.


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