Today was Day One…

and counting of ‘ze internship.  I started in the Seattle-ish based offices of World Vision today doing the meet & greet, saw the contract, and my terms of reference (TOR, aka: what I will be doing for my internship).  Tomorrow I join the team for a lunch meeting at Olive Garden.  This is the life.  As I entered the building I just giggled silently, thinking: THIS IS WORLD VISION.  I MEAN, COME ON! WORLD VISION.  I HAVE BEEN INTERESTED IN WORKING HERE FOR YEARS AND NOW, HERE I AM, CLIMBING WORLD VISION’S STAIRS! 

It was a fantastic feeling.  And a good day.  My brain is worn out and I think I will dream about non-governmental organizational structure, and bureaucracy, and money raising, and literature reviews.  When I started my first job at Dairy Queen I dreamt for the first few nights about making blizzards.  It was a frightening moment but I’ve since learned that it happens everytime you start a new job.  Not the dreams about blizzards but just dreaming about all the new information and work and doing it correctly.

I learned that the Ladies’ Bathroom is always pretty full.  I learned that lunch rooms can be fantastic on the inside and have balconies with great views.  I learned that riding the bus in Seattle is similar to riding one in New Orleans.  I recalled numerous things I learned in my public health education, especially thing’s from Nathan Morrow’s class.  Dr. Morrow was my best World Vision contact helping me find this internship.  I learned that international internships basically never happen at World Vision and yet somehow, I was blessed to not only receive one but to receive one that is paid.  But for the grace of God has a whole new meaning now.

My co-workers were surprised to learn that I had a masters’ education already.  Somehow they were misguided to think that I only had a biology undergraduate education.  Luckily, they were happily surprised instead of rudely disappointed.  This is why I am a glass half empty sort of girl.  When it’s half empty there is more room to fill.  Life can always get better than it is right now.  Perceptions can always be a lower standard than the real wonderful thing.

We plan to buy my plane ticket tomorrow, so now it looks like I might leave on July 11th instead of today like originally planned.  I am okay with this, God has parceled out just enough patience to tide me over.

Until tomorrow dear friends…


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