As I have no work visa…

and my paperwork is still winding its way through World Vision’s HR, I will not be leaving for South Africa next week.  I will still be leaving for South Africa but it won’t be for another two or three weeks.  I am okay with this, the Lord portions patience as needed I find. 

It also means I will still start my internship next week but begin with starting on the US-based side in the Federal Way office.  I actually kind of love this because I love to learn and I am not fond of being ignorant.  So the more I know about the work I will do, the better prepared I will feel over all.

In other but still related news, I have gotten all of my shots!  I decided to get my polio booster and a yellow fever because though they are not required in South Africa I have the desire to travel other places over time.  So now I have no lack of immunizations keeping me from traveling throughout Africa if the Lord so leads.


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