Yes, absolutely seriously, seven years later than most people!  Now to get my International License and then onto driving in Africa.  It has taken many prayers and some tears over the years, but it is here.

This allows me to drive here, drive in South Africa, and maintain my residency just in case University of Washington wants to let me attend their medical school in a year or two. 

Though I have had doubts and fears, I had this deep peace that if God wants me to get to Africa he’ll make it all work out.  I did forget to have my TB skin test read last week but I think it was a reminder that with trust in God and my own hard work and some organizational skills, it can all be accomplished.

Other than that TB skin test going unread, everything I have prayed for has been completed or is scheduled or has gone so smoothly.  In the sort of smooth like Dairygold butter sort of rhyming way.  The way only God can do.


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